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The Central Petrol Vietnam Construciton is a subsidiary of PVC belonging to PVN. The company was firstly established as the Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited merged by the Petrol Construction JS Company – Quang Ngai Branch, the Central Mechanical Construction Enterprise and Project Unit of Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory belonging to Petrol Construction JS Company (known as PVC currently).

On 26 Oct 2007, the Board of Directors of PVN issued the Resolution no.3604/NQ-DKVN approving the project for converting the Petrol Vietnam Construction JS company into the Petrol Vietnam Contruction (PVC). On 21 Dec 2007, the Board of Directors of PVC issued the Decision no. 04/QD-HDQT-TCT regarding establishment of the Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited with invested capital of 50 billion VND and operating under the Business Licence no. 3404000094 dated 2 Jan 2008 issued by Quang Ngai Planning and Investment Dept, first amended on 4 Mar 2008.

The company was firstly address at 33 Hai Ba Trung Str., Quang Ngai city, Quang Ngai province and took part in constructing large projects, key construction works of the Petrol industry and the national in the Central, mainly in Quang Ngai province such as: Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory, Polypropylene Plastic Factory, Quang Ngai Petrol Services Center...

The company has affirmed its position through large projects and national key works in the area of Quang Ngai province. Satisfying the demand for market expansion, on 15 Oct 2009, the Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited moved to Danang city at 78A-Duy Tan Str., Danang city (1st Floor) according to the Decision no.839/QD-XLDK of the Board of Directors of PVC.

Based on the Decision no. 965/QD-XLDK dated 16 Nov 2009 of the Board of Directors approving the project for converting the Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited in to a joint-stock company. On 22 Nov 2009, the company was officically named the Central Petrol Vietnam Construction according to the Business Licence no. 4300368987 dated 29 Oct 2009, issued by Business Registration Division – Danang Planning and Investment Dept.

Being equipped with state-of-the-art equiement, machinery, infrastructure and extensively experienced management and young, skilled, creative and enthusiatic engineers, the company is the key force of the PVC in implementing large projects and key works of the Petrol industry.

Over 2 years of development, at the end of 2009 the company’s invested capital has been increased up to 150 billion VND compared to the initial invested capital of 50 billion VND and staff increased up to 1,300 employees compared to 100 employees before. The Central Petrol Vietnam Construction has gradually stepped to consolidate and affirm its trademark in the market and become a leading multi-business construction company in the Central area.

On 29 Dec 2009, the first Meeting of General Shareholders has been successfull and approved the Charter for organization, business and development strategy of the company at the current stage and over coming years.


PTSC Trade Center - Hotel
Investor PTSC Location 7 - Quang Trung st. - Danang city Area 700 m2 ...

PVF Centre
Investor PVFC Location Lot A2.1 + 300 - 30th April st. - Danang city Area 1,257 m2 ...

Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory
Investor Petrovietnam Partner Technip Consortium Location Binh son – Dung Quat – Quang Ngoi Area 338 ha of land and 471 ha of sea ...


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