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PVC-MTMien Trung Petrovietnam Construction JSC (PVC-MT) which is a subsidiary of PVC has developed for many years in Dung Quat – Quang Ngai Economic Zone, Danang city and the whole Central of Vietnam. The company has great experience in executing large bidding packages for construction that require high technology and quality. The company has developed in combination with many foreign partners and contractors like Technip, Huyndai Engineering,… and constructed many national key construction works such as Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory, Polypropylene Plastic Manufacturing Factory,Dung Quat Bio Enthanol Fuel Manufacturing Factory,…

Besides, high buildings like Quang Ngai – Petrosetco Petrol Services Centre (12 storeys), Petrol Viet Nam Finance Centre in Danang (17 storeys), Petro Trade and Services Central in Danang (15 storeys) which have also been constructed by the company are high evaluated as satisfying international quality standard by partners.

Another business that the PVC-MT has determined as the company key business and importance strategy in development is increase of investment into Danang Riverside, Dung Quat Polypropylene Packing Manufacturing Factory; in addition, the company also becomes major shareholder of some companies for potential business in future, typically Hoa Cam IZ Investment JS Company. This is to affirm and expand the company’s business development in the Central of Vietnam.

Our Services

  • Investing and constructing infrastructure works, road and bridge, civil and industrial works for Petrol industry and other
  • Constructing irrigation works
  • Leveling and backfilling premises
  • Investing in construction of works for Petrol industry
  • Constructing dyke, embankment, port
  • Producing and trading concrete, blasting drilling, mine exploitation
  • Producing and trading construction materials
  • Producing mechanical products, anti-erosion products
  • Maintaining, reparing ships and floating means
  • Fabricating, installing petrol tanks, gasified liquid tanks,water tanks, pressured tanks and technological system
  • Installing machinery and equiment, automated control equiment in industrial factories
  • Installing 35KV electric line, domestic and industrial electrical system
  • Investing and trading real estate

Left direction
Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory
Dung Quat Polypropylene  Factory
Dung Quat Bio-Ethanol  Fuel Factory
No 1. Vung A Thermo - Electric Factory
PTSC Trade Center - Hotel
PVF Centre
Quang Ngai Petro Sevice Centre
Right direction


Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory
Investor Petrovietnam Partner Technip Consortium Location Binh son – Dung Quat – Quang Ngoi Area 338 ha of land and 471 ha of sea ...

Dung Quat Bio-Ethanol Fuel Factory
Investor Petrovietnam Location Binh Son – Dung Quat – Quang Ngai Area 24,62 ha ...

PTSC Trade Center - Hotel
Investor PTSC Location 7 - Quang Trung st. - Danang city Area 700 m2 ...


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Address : 6th and 7th floor, PVFC Building, 30th April st., Hai Chau dist., Danang city, Vietnam
Tel : (+84 511) 3635 888 - Fax: (+84 511) 3635 777
Email : infor@pvcmt.vn
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